8.5 x 11  zine 
edition of 78 

Part appropriation, part occult study, this zine exists at the intersection of the analog and spiritual. Crafted with a combination of “cut and paste” and digital layout, "Mystic Paper" is a collage based zine that references western history, comic books, pop art, magic and manifestation. Printed in an edition that mirrors the structure of a tarot deck, ( 56 minor cards, 22 major cards, 78 total ) this zine is  printed on different paper colors to reference each suit of cards, and is augmented with special inserts, additions and suppliments.


A Do it yourself guide to building your own


11 x 17  workbook / 50 editions / 2021

This book is a prompt for individual readers and group projects.  Its pages contain a series of serpent heads and bodies. They are the component parts of an excersize in spatial arrangment , and constructon of a visual metaphor.

A blueprint for workshops and activity based exhibitions, This book is designed to be deconstructed and used as the medium for exersizes  which combine the visual and mataphotic meanings of a historical political cartooon, an ancient symbol of renewal  and a mythical beast.